Nothing saving to database

Allo. It looks like nothing is saving again - my scraper ran a few hours ago with nothing saved :frowning:

Scraping looks more reliable recently, but today I am having the nothing saving to database issue again. Sorry!

Hey @lowndsy thanks for reporting this :slight_smile: I’ve just run the tests scrapers and it’s not having trouble. Can you confirm this is still an issue?

I had this one happen again today with

I’m pretty sure it’s also happening with, as it’s been providing us data that is known to be stale, whilst reporting “nothing changed”

I’ve also noticed a few of mine doing this sporadically, but there doesn’t seem to be a pattern to it.

Thanks for letting us know @tmtmtmtm and @chris48s . I’ve restarted the service and confirmed that records are saving with the test scraper.

Let us know if this is still occurring :thumbsup:

This has been happening again a lot over the last couple of days. is one current example.

@tmtmtmtm this seems to be ok again. The test scraper is working.

If you see this happening, the current fix is to run the test scraper (you could fork it to run if you like), and if it’s not saving anything to the db, restart the morph service with the deploy user on the server.

sudo service morph restart

@equivalentideas nope - still happening with some scrapers, e.g. Lots of others are working though, so I don’t think it’s enough to check a single test scraper to see if it’s working. The problem is more subtle than that…

@tmtmtmtm hmmmm. That’s looks to be running fine on it’s latest run. Any thoughts or more data you have would be great on the issue

I think I’ve seen this problem only affect one Sidekiq process (there are two in our current setup) so that might have been what was happening here.

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Same things again

@achasik I’ve just restarted the service so hopefully it’s fixed.

This is happening a lot again today

Yeah I’ve been seeing it a fair bit over the last few days, but I’d say most of my jobs have failed to write any data today

Thanks for letting us know @tmtmtmtm and @chris48s I’ve restarted the service and it should be working again. Let me know if it needs another kick.

Cheers. All the ones I’ve checked today have saved data :+1:

This is failing fairly consistently again now.

Looks like it’s working after yesterday’s reset. Let me know if it needs attention :slight_smile: