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At Open Knowledge we’re starting a fairly large-scale scraping project around medical trials, and of course we want to use

We’ve just setup our first scraper:

(We have some issues with timeouts etc., as the data we are scraping is quite extensive, but that is a subject for a different thread)

My problem now is one of permissions - unlike other services (Shippable, Travis, Coveralls) that use GitHub for user access/permissions, contributors with write permissions on the GitHub repo for the scraper do not have permissions on to make actions (run the scraper on demand). is this a bug or a feature? Is there anyway around this?

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Excellent - that looks like a great project!

Because everything on is based on public permissions I suspect this is actually because the person in question hasn’t publicized their membership of @okfn. Try checking that then getting them to log in and out of

Ah I see. That explains it - thanks for the help.

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