Scraper status badges?

Hey guys, I would like to show the “run status” of my scrapers on GitHub and another web site. Similar services, like Travis-CI, provide little embeddable badges that turn green or red depending on the last run. Is such a thing available for


Nothing like that exists at the moment @pudo but we can certainly make a GitHub issue for discussing it as a feature :thumbsup: Why do you want to show the status of your scrapers in GitHub?

Abstracting slightly, I think probably the intermediate step here would be to expose the scraper’s meta-data (primarily the history) via an API endpoint as well as the actual data that the scraper captures. That would mean that data could be used by one person to build a little service that generates readme badge images (like @pudo is suggesting), but it would also make that data available for other purposes. For example, I might use that to (for example) post a notification to a slack webhook or raise a github issue if a scraper has failed more than 3 days in a row… or whatever.

This is not a top priority issue in comparison to anything that influences stability, but I have thought before that this would be nice to have.

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This would be cool feature. Here’s the issue we already have for it