Scraper fails early with status code 255

For the last 5 days my scraper
has been failing immediately with status code 255, without showing any more logs than

Injecting configuration and compiling...

The two similar topics were due to problems of Morph but have been fixed and are more than a year old!

Any hints on how to proceed?

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Same here … new scraper worked for a day, now neither automatic or manual run work …

Same here too…from 23 days to now, my scraper is getting some errors and sometimes it is ok.

But in the last 4 days, he got errors and when I try to run manually I get the same problem, code 255

@coroa, @rgieseke, @gustavodemari sorry to say you’ve been seeing an intermittent problem that started happening on January 5th and reoccurs every few days. It’s a problem that we haven’t seen before and we haven’t found a permanent solution yet.

To follow updates have a look at

Thanks for reporting the problem. Hopefully we’ll get it sorted permanently soon. In the meantime if it does reoccur (which is fairly likely) then at least we have a workaround (as documented in the above issue).


As mentioned in the link to github above, this issue is thankfully now fixed.