(Ruby) Column named 'group'

In Ruby, ScraperWiki.save_sqlite gets very upset if you try to save a hash of data that includes a column named ‘group’ (raising a syntax error: SQLite3::SQLException)

The python version seems to cope fine with this, presumably quoting all column names.

As the recommended gem is a fork of the original, I’m not entirely sure where to raise issues against it…

The problem needed to be fixed in the upstream sqlite_magic gem. We’ve developed a fix and opened a pull request:

If you’d like to use this now, add the following line to your Gemfile:

gem "sqlite_magic", github: "openaustralia/sqlite_magic", branch: "quote_column_names"

You can see this in action in this test scraper: https://morph.io/morph-test-scrapers/group_column_name_error

That’s great @henare — thanks!