Request could not be satisfied

Hi I’m trying to scrape web odds and although my scraper is working the request to get the website is being blocked on Github. If anyone has an idea how to fix this I’d be grateful.

This is the error I get from the request data:

ERROR: The request could not be satisfied


The request could not be satisfied.

Request blocked.

 Generated by cloudfront (CloudFront)
 Request ID: jHLlxqji-i25qVQlyuMNb_Xus563vG_KpqYiC1poT0epO0wjUhAucw==

I get no error from morph. it just constructs with no data.

Hi R, welcome :slight_smile:

It looks like is the scraper you’re talking about.

I’ve only had a very quick look at the code. I noticed that the url you’re trying to scrape is; when I try to browse to that from my desktop (in Australia), I get redirected to, and then bounced around a bit before ending up at

So my first guess is that perhaps the website you’re looking at has some geo-IP based restrictions and is refusing to serve content when the request comes from the Morph server in the US.