Rebase, merge, remote or what is this called


I am new to GitHub about managing codes

Now planningalerts/liverpool-py copied and paste my coded into their repo for good reasons. My problem is, how can I now maintain planningalerts/liverpool-py codes as well as my LoveMyData/liverpool code at the same time??

More importantly, can I run test code on LoveMyData/liverpool then send a Pull request to planningalerts/liverpool-py once test is completed?

I have tried forked liverpool-py first then add my as remote. Everything seems giving error.

I hope this make sense. I am using SourceTree to manage Push/Pull type activities. Any help is appreicated.


this seems to be a github specific problem.

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I would just remove and start over forking planningalerts/liverpool-py.

You might also try GitHub Desktop.

Thanks Henare, I think I worked it out that I need to delete LoveMyData/liverpool first, then fork from planningalerts/liverpool-py, then upload to it to LoveMyData/liverpool, then edit…

Anyway, I think something like that with Bundaberg and I am about to send a Pull Request.


Also found out it could be SourceTree make it slightly more difficult because by default it do a clone rather than fork.