Please remove the scraper

Something went wrong and I can’t remove the scraper from UI.
Please remove

Hi @divtiply! Thanks for letting us know about this. We’re having a look at this now. We don’t usually delete scrapers, so we don’t have an easy way to do this.

I think that this shouldn’t be causing any problems for you - it’s ugly to have a scraper listed that is “stuck”, but I don’t think it should interfere with anything else. Is that right, or is this causing other problems for you that I haven’t seen?

Hi @jamezpolley, No other problems but aesthetic, the scraper stuck and I see its page like

divtiply / yyy
New scraper
[Queuing..                                            ]

and I can’t do anything with this scraper because no “Setting” or “Stop” button available.
The other scrapers works.