Morph IO not showing Data

Hi all,

I am relatively new to I tried to implement a scrapper based on the following scrapper

This scrapper runs fine returning results. However, when I try to reduce the number of schools in the following line from:
colleges = {“580”:(“MIT”,16),“1222”:(“Yale”,23),“181”:(“CMU”,28), “1085”:(“UChicago”,28),“1040”:(“Tufts”,46), “1350”:(“Duke”,84),“1255”:(“UTexas”,84),“953”:(“Stanford”,32),“799”:(“Rice”,17),“780”:(“Princeton”,16)}


colleges = {“580”:(“MIT”,16)}

I get the following error:

error":“no such table: data”}

I understand that this issue is rather specific… However any insight to this problem would be greatly appreciated.

I’m guessing this is the scraper?

It’s not erroring, did you fix it?

Apologies, the scrapper in question is :

And running it through the following API site:

Using the following SQL query: select * from data limit 10

When I curl it or click the URL, it yields the following error: error":“no such table: data”}

It is rather strange considering the only thing that I modified is the amount of colleges. The reduction of colleges is the only thing I’ve changed yet the input is resulting in an error. If I use the original code from:

…And run it through the API site, It runs fine.

All the data in the scraper has now disappeared so I guess you changed something else since I last looked.

Post here when you’ve got data back in the scraper and I can have a look again. I suspect the table name was just different (ScraperWiki used swdata) so all you probably need to do is change the SQL query the API is using.