Morph doesn't update from github anymore

In my scraper, daald-docker/sac_uto_touren, there is a new commit on github since 22 hours now, but when the scraper is running, no matter if manually or automatically, it still runs the old commit from Feb.
This behaviour is new, normally I could push to github and almost immediately run the scraper afterwards for testing the push.

Yeah it’s happening to all scapers and it took me a couple of days before realizing there’s nothing I could do :frowning:
Sadly, it seems that isn’t mantained anymore.

Yes, I see it the same way.

@maintainers: Please shutdown completely or fix these blocking issues.
Currently, we are in a state like “it runs as long it runs, but if it breaks we can’t fix it”. nodejs users are already out anyway. not to mention that nodejs was the only supported language in earlier days, so most of us were forced to start with nodejs. newer users cannot start because of another problem: the never-ending “uploading template”

Now is updating from github again but it stopped writing to the database, at least if using the workaround:
os.environ[‘SCRAPERWIKI_DATABASE_NAME’] = ‘sqlite:///data.sqlite’

And now I will probably have to rebuild from scratch a 21k rows database, since It’s 10 days that I’m missing new entries on a daily feed :frowning: