How to see why the scraper failed?


I want to find out why my scraper failed even though it worked while testing it locally. Why are there no error logs?


If nothing’s been printed to the console then it probably failed to start, which is unlikely to be because of anything you’ve done.


Try running with the morph command line client (see for details). If you can reproduce the issue with that, post as much info as possible here to help admins have the best possible chance of offering advice.
If it runs ok with the command line client but isn’t running on the website, then it is likely that the failure is connected to the stability problems described in @henare 's post: Status Update - December 2016 and not the scraper itself.


The scraper worked fine while running it via morph command line client.
This is the current status of my scraper. "The scraper is queued to run. It was queued manually a day ago"
Thanks for your replies. I believe it the queuing problem is facing.