Failed module import

my scrapers failed today after working smoothly for several months. I did not change anything since the time they executed the first time.
It seems they can’t find modules to import, the following error appears for module lxml.html too:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 25, in
import scraperwiki
ImportError: No module named scraperwiki

Don’t know what is getting wrong.

I think this could be the same problem as Hundreds of scrapers failing with buildpack error

I’ve put in a workaround for that problem. Can you try running one of your scrapers again?

Hi, this morning at 9:00 (GMT+1) the scheduled run failed with the same error.
At this moment if I try to run any of my scrapers it takes unlimited time and never ends

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Thanks for checking @eccoilmoro. I can confirm this problem on a test scraper so I’ve opened an issue to track this problem:

Hi , my scrapers are experienceing the problem again, since 2 days :

File “”, line 1, in
import scraperwiki
ImportError: No module named scraperwiki

Sorry about this @eccoilmoro. I think it’s the same problem.

A few days ago we restarted the server and the mitmproxy rules were running for a short time after the server booted. Your scrapers must have unluckily started during that short time and now have a cached docker image that is broken.

I’ll try to get this fixed soon.

Running into same issue. First time using site so thought it was me!

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I still haven’t been able to fix the root cause though :frowning: