Error using Morph-cli

Tried using morph-cli. When i type morph i get the error below. Any pointers please?

Hi @andela-mabdussalam Thanks for reporting this. I’ve managed to reproduce the error myself and I’ve tracked it down and proposed a fix here:

Hopefully @henare or @equivalentideas can take a look at that, but as a temporary workaround I think you can probably fix it by downgrading the archive-tar-minitar gem to version 0.5.2 in your ruby environment.

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Hiya @chris48s. Thanks a lot for the suggestion. It was really helpful.

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@chris48s done! Great pull request, thanks :smiley:

Unfortunately we can’t release this on Rubygems until the original project creator does the release or adds another person to the owners :cry: Add henare to owners · Issue #10 · openaustralia/morph-cli · GitHub

That’s done and a new version of the gem has been released. gem update morph-cli and you should be good to go :thumbsup:

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