Can it be installed on VPS

I wanted to install it on my VPS and code privately. Is it possible? Can you point me to the right documentation.

Yes it is possible!

The good news is that there’s a bunch of Ansible playbooks to help you deploy. The bad news is that these aren’t geneic (yet).

I’ve asked someone I know on Twitter that has deployed Morph to see if they have made this generic and if they can help us out.

OK so the answer from Seb is that they haven’t put the effort into making the installation instructions generic and have instead rewritten all new deployment stuff which is disappointing.

This means someone will have to work this out. It shouldn’t be a huge amount of work. As I said most of the work is done for you with the Ansible playbooks. You just need to rework the specific bits, like the SSL certificates, so that they’re generic and we’ll happily accept a pull request to that effect.

I’ve created an issue about this: