API timestamp format has changed

At some point in the last day or so, the format of timestamp/datetime fields seems to have changed when requesting data via the API. Up until yesterday, a timestamp field would return something like “2016-09-21 19:50:29.333663+00:00” whereas now the equivalent call is returning “2016-09-21”.

My suspicion is that this change has been introduced by the modifications in https://github.com/openaustralia/morph/pull/1116 . Is this an intentional change in behaviour, or a side effect?

@chris48s Well spotted - that definitely sounds like a regression. Can you please open an issue with an example so we can fix it?

Yep - no probs: https://github.com/openaustralia/morph/issues/1125

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cheers for the rapid fix on this :slight_smile:

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