2 problems running a python scraper

Hi there

I’m trying to run my first scraper and have encountered the following issues:

  1. when I try to use PyQuery I get an error. this is how I import:
    #from pyquery import PyQuery as pq
    #import PyQuery as pq

  2. my scraper is working and running but nothing changes in the database. this is my scraper:

any ideas?

thanks in advance, Meirav :slight_smile:

Hey Meirav,

I’m pretty sure you just need:

from pyquery import PyQuery as pq

But this still won’t work, without adding pyquery to your requirements.txt. When morph creates an instance of the scraper, it will install all the dependencies listed in this file.

I’ve just shot you a pull request adding the line to that file.

Hope this helps…

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