Scrapers failing with status code 128 and 255

I’ve got a variety of scrapers failing - mostly with status 128 and a few with status 255.
What do these error codes mean?

255 used to generally mean you’d run out of memory. But we’re seeing a lot recently where that’s unlikely to be the issue.

We’re also getting a LOT of 128 errors recently. I don’t know what the cause of those are. Sometimes pushing a new version of your scraper on github clears it up, but that might just be a false positive, as often it just clears up by itself if you try re-rerunning a few times.

Cheers for the info, Tony. I’m fairly sure I’m not actually hitting a memory limit as some of the ones that have failed with 255 will later pass processing the same data. Like you I’ve managed to get some of them to work by manually restarting them a few times, but some are proving stubborn or failing intermittently.

Not sure if helps, but the 128 failures seem to happen very quickly. I suspect that the process isn’t getting as far as actually trying to run any of the scraper code before throwing the error:

Without actually looking at the problem it could be because we’ve been battling with running out of disk space the last week or so. We’ve been trying out best to band-aid fix this until we have the time to work on a longer term fix.

I refreshed some code yesterday before running and it did work fine. Since then I have been having a lot more luck with that same revision.

The console is now showing six steps of the compile process before going to “Injecting scraper and running…”, even if I haven’t updated the scraper code. If you changed something recently to make that happen then it is definitely having a positive impact for me.

Doesn’t seem to be much consistency to it from my perspective. I’ve got about 40 scrapers. Some mornings I check morph and ~30 of them failed. Some mornings its more like ~10. It doesn’t necessarily seem to be the same ones from day to day.

Is there any way around this issue? I keep having a scraper give me this code and my guess is I’m overloading the RAM. Can I add breaks or something? Thx

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