Get help with and scraping

My scraper stuck, what to do?


Most of them have been fine since last time but a few have got stuck again, would it be alright to get them unstuck? Thank you!


Done :white_check_mark:


Thank you! :white_check_mark:


I am also having the issue with a few stuck scrapers! Is there any way for me to stop them when this happens?
Thank you!


stuck for a few days now:


Another one of my scrapers seems to be stuck now:

This one has been stuck for 8 days:

Could someone please give them a kick for me?


Hey, my scraper is stuck and it is probably because it is using a lot of memory(I should cut it to chunks, sorry). Please stop/fix it.


Hi. My scraper seems to be stuck too. :cry:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you! :smiley_cat:


It’s finished now. Must be more patient in future. :slight_smile:


Scraper is so stuck.


Mine appears to be stuck - - can’t hit stop


@noelmas yours is working again :smile:


@JasonThomasData your scraper seems to be happy again too :sunny:


@henare My scraper stuck for 9 days:
Can you please stop it?


@mlandauer this looks like a good issue to get back into morph stability. Can you please look at @IvanGoncharov’s scraper?


Three scrapers stuck
& /StarB

Would you be able to stop them? Thanks!


I’m stuck too -


@lowndsy @drwillems

There’s a big backlog of scrapers in the queue, apparently:


I thought we’d fixed it yesterday but it still seems to be a problem. I’ve updated the issue with what I’ve been doing to fix it


We’re now at 420 retries, down from over 600.