Morph has fallen over (disk i/o does nothing)

No new database files can be written to disk; scrapers complete successfully, but no database created. Failure is silent.

Additionally scrapers (like planningalerts-ie/cork-city ) which used to run in ~30s are now taking >7 mins

Thanks @handelaar :thumbsup:

Do you think this additional symptoms on this bug Nothing saving to database ?

Is this still happening? The test scraper seems to be working fine after @tmtmtmtm restarted the queue today.

Thanks for your patience :slight_smile: we’re very thinly staffed this week.

The part of that older bug where scrapers run, hit the ‘save’ function, echo successful completion of that, and then finally the log says “no changes in database” is exactly what I was encountering yesterday.

Reading the older thread certainly sounds like what I was seeing, especially the “one-legged” failure in which one process is gone while the other remains. I did manage to complete one scraper overnight, while the one I was actually debugging remained unable to write

Thanks @handelaar , I’ve restarted the process in the admin backend, so that should fix it for now. Let us know if it pops up again, and as always, anything you can add on is always useful :slight_smile: