Can I schedule my scraper to run twice a day


I am new to It is a great tool and thanks for your great work.

I would like to know if there is a good way to automatically run my scraper twice a day, at particular times?

It seems that there is a setting to run “Automatically run this scraper once per day” but I want something more.

On the other hand, is there an API that I can call externally to trigger to run my scraper?

Thanks in advance,
John Lau

Hi @johnlcf

Currently, morph will allows ‘Auto-Run’ once per day and it is an option you need to tick the check box in Settings.

In regards to API call to trigger scraper to run. There was a similar request here (Programmatically starting scraper runs) before and it is not yet action.

Feel free to contribute the idea and make a PR.